1. Unerdwear is supporting Rails Girls with our pre-launch RGSoC Nerdies edition!

    We’re HUGE fans of Rails Girls: It’s an extremely enthusiastic global non-profit volunteer community that started with a goal to “give tools and support to women to understand technology and to build their ideas”. Now it’s for men, too!

    Rails Girls Kraków edition was organized twice already in our office, we love the RG KRK team and RG attendees have actually helped us fold the Nerdies we were giving away at Railsberry… so when we heard about the awesome Rails Girls Summer of Code initiative and how awesome the response of the community has already been, we wanted to chip in!

    The problem was… well, there were two:  (1). We haven’t officially launched yet. And the RGSoC happens, like, NOW. (2). We have no money to donate, as we’re just at the beginning of our own journey. But problems are good because they make you more creative! We’ve learned our lessons from the Open Source community and there’s ALAWYS something you can contribute. That something is your work, creativity, energy and time.

    So we’re designing, producing, selling and shipping a limited series of unisex (MORE BELOW) Rails Girls Nerdies at cost and we’re donating all profits to support RGSoC. Whoever buys the Rails Girls RGSoC Nerdies is not only getting an amazing piece of softwear :D but is also supporting a great cause!

    Check out the designs we made on Rails Girls’ Facebook page, the voting is on NOW!  As soon as we have the winner, we will kick off the production of the first batch of 160 rails Girls Nerdies! They will be available to order soon, but due to production time, shipping in 4-5 weeks. Rails Girls nerdies will delay our launch a bit… but you gotta understand that’s the kind thing NERD and SOFTWEAR loving girls cannot miss. Woohoo, this is exciting! Hope you like them!!


    1. UNISEXthink: boxers OR cute pajama pants w. cute golden buttons and a hidden middle bottom that you can’t see in the picture ;)

    2. Yes, we will be making a “proper” female fit one day. This fit of Nerdies is just what we happen to be doing now and this is how we can contribute as of today. We’re not trying to imply that they are made specifically of better for girls ;). It’s more about the assumption that everyone who wants to see more women developers can buy them as gifts / for themselves / boyfriend / girlfriend / brother / sister and in doing so support Rails Girls and promote the cause (double win).

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